Model Length Width Shallow End Depth Deep End Depth
11.8 11.84m 4.2m 1.13m 1.98m
10.6 10.6m 4.2m 1.13m 1.89m
9.4 9.4m 4.2m 1.13m 1.77m
8.6 8.67m 4.2m 1.13m 1.70m
7.5 7.57m 3.9m 1.12m 1.64m
7.0 7.0m 3.4m 1.12m 1.61m

Pool Description

The Riviera swimming pool is ideal for a family that loves to swim, with entry steps and safety ledge the Riviera family swimming pools are safe for children and adults alike.

Riviera Fibreglass Pool Installations